The Game's Location

Chateau de Bourdeilles was built in the late 13th century on the summit of a rocky outcrop above a river.

Its military architecture was designed to withstand enemy attack and protect the land and its people.

The keep, in which the first adventure takes place, was built between 1280 and 1305 and it is in the third-floor bedroom that you will confront the first challenge.

From floor to ceiling, the room is built from stone and you will easily be able to see that the fireplace, the large window and the vault are under construction.

You and your companions will find yourselves on a medieval building site and, all around you, you will see numerous objects and documents which you will need to gather together to fulfill your quest.

Once you have accomplished the first mission in the midst of the medieval building site, you will find yourself in the year 1307, plunged into the tumult reigning between the Knights Templar and the King of France.

You are a Knight Templar and in order to survive you must escape from the dungeon buried in the very heart of the keep. The dungeon still exits under the wooden trap door of the first floor of the keep and on its walls are engravings no doubt carved by Templars after their arrest in 1307. The dungeon is not open to the public because it is difficult to access but, with the help of virtual reality, you are one of the rare people to see it as if you were really there.

After these challenges the adventure is still not finished, and you will be transported in time to 1369 to discover the Black Prince’s English troops laying siege to Chateau de Bourdeilles.

After 11 weeks of siege, the outside wall has finally been breached and hoards of the King of England’s soldiers are bursting through into the successive courtyards of the castle.

You and your companions are hidden in the great hall of the medieval castle and you will have to keep your wits about you and work as a team to search the great hall for clues while keeping the English, who are now surrounding the building, at bay.

The castle fell into the hands of the English but in 1377 the Chevalier Du Guesclin took it back in just several days and returned it to the French crown.

Find your way

Live the Experience

A Journey through Time and History

Situated in one of the rooms of Chateau de Bourdeilles and armed with a VR headset, you will be transported back to three key eras of the castle’s past.  Starting with its construction in 1284, through the period of the Knights Templars in 1307 to the Hundred Years War - where you will find yourself smack in the middle of it, in 1369!

​You will then have to solve the clues one by one in order to escape.

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